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On Christmas Eve last, Sinéad McNally received a text message from a friend to say they had just heard one of her songs ‘Nearly Christmas’ on the RTE National Evening News as part of a news bulletin. Just a month earlier, while she was watching a football match with her husband, she heard another one of her compositions being used during the ad break in an advertisement for!

It comes as no surprise that Sinéad’s music is finding its own way onto these and other commercial outlets, such is the quality of writing that she produces. Her first ever entry to a songwriting competition in 2004 catapulted her name into the Irish music scene when the song ‘Losing You’ narrowly missed out on representing Ireland in the Eurovision that year. A more recent composition ‘Matthews Take You There’, written to brief for leading Irish transport and tours company, has now become synonymous with the company brand. Sinéad’s involvement with the company also led to a very innovative business and arts initiative that won a national award in 2016.

In 2011, Sinéad released three singles off her debut EP ’10,000’. The first track ‘Moody Blues’ was described by Hot Press magazine as “reminiscent of Bruce Hornsby” and the follow up track ‘Green Eyed Monster’ was the most played song on LMFM in August that year. The same track also grabbed the attention of Absolute Radio DJ Pete Donaldson, who described it as “a track that echoes the most fun, playful bands of the genres –Sleeper, Pulp.” The strength of her debut EP resulted in a performance at the London Olympic Games in 2012 and appearances on Irish national radio and TV.

The variety of styles and projects that Sinéad has worked on over the past few years demonstrate just how skilled she is as a songwriter. Having been told by established songwriters that it was next to impossible to produce a Christmas song that could compete with the classics, Sinéad decided to take on that impossible task! Smiling from ear to ear, Sinéad knows that it may only be a matter of time before ‘Nearly Christmas’, performed by NCKIDS is ‘up there’ with all the other Christmas hits, such is the response to the song in just a couple of years. It has a worldwide fan base and is being performed every year at hundreds of Christmas events and concerts throughout Ireland and abroad.

Her ability to understand the purpose and function of the song is one of Sinéad’s best songwriting qualities and it has opened up many opportunities for her to write for different purposes as well as writing for her own enjoyment. She combines her experience of music across multiple genres with her love for the written language and thrives on the adventure a song can bring her on!

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